Leverage AI-enhanced immersive technology to deliver real business impact. Our platform - JourneeX and 360° enablement suite empower you to deliver high-performance virtual experiences.

Leading The Immersive Web

Create Real Business Impact with The Leading AI-Immersive Web Platform

Leverage AI and metaverse technology to deliver real business impact in the immersive web. Our award-winning platform - JourneeX and end-to-end enablement solutions empower you to deliver high-performance, branded virtual experiences for your audiences worldwide through any device, any browser, anytime, anywhere.

  • White label immersive web applications
  • All device responsive and global accessibility
  • Hyper engagement and in-experience conversion
  • Ultra-fast connection and premium quality
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Impressive AI capabilities and rich integrations
  • Seamless integration into enterprise's digital ecosystems

Our Offerings


JourneeX The leading platform for Immersive Web Applications

Host, manage, produce and maintain immersive online experiences through JourneeX.

With over 10 million users hosted, our platform enables you to stream your immersive worlds with the highest visual sensation, built-in functional weblayers and rich web2, web3 integrations. Connect and engage with your audiences on any browser, device type without additional software or hardware.

Enablement Products

End-to-end Enablement bringing your vision to life

Our solutions help you to craft your strategy, design your world, and use key technology integrations.

We deliver end-to-end support for use cases run on JourneeX. Our products include strategy products, design solutions, production packages, and technology support, enabling you to deliver engaging, immersive experiences that create game-changing business value.

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Selected Use Cases

See why people love what we do

  • "The execution is impressive"

    Stephanie Hirschmiller
  • "Massive Multiplayer Realtime Online Experience. Mindblowing. Mind-expanding. Benchmark. Or in a word: GOLD."

    Art Directors Club
  • "Journee is the best enabler and partner to think of! Everyone thinking of a relationship with them- do it."

    Oliver Lange
    Head of H&M beyond
  • “It’s a new way to present our brand — an adventure that’s deeply experiential and aspirational, with an element of personalization both in the avatar and the way you decide to engage with it.”

    Emmanuel Rousson
    Clinique VP of E-commerce
  • "Journee has revolutionized the way we showcase and share our projects. At Polycount, we have always sought efficient and immersive ways to demonstrate our creations to clients and stakeholders, and Journee has provided the perfect solution through their platform."

    Brian Tu
    Art Director at Polycount
  • "A key tenet of journalism is to show, not tell. The goal of this experience is to showcase the potential for beauty and fidelity within virtual worlds and digital clothing for an audience of executives across fashion, beauty and technology. If you saw the highlights from the last time, you’ll know that this doesn’t look like a childhood video game, and it’s definitely not your standard business conference. This time, it’s even better."

    Maghan McDowell
    Vogue Business Senior Innovation Editor
  • " Interactions and experiences in virtual spaces are becoming more and more important and we learn and evolve from every step we take in this world. Journee is an inspiring partner for us and technologically wise one of the best."

    Stefan Ponikva
    Vice President BMW Communication and Experience
  • "Journee has quickly become the leader in the metaverse space, known for powering the most beautiful and rich high-fidelity immersive experiences. With a wide array of features, including eCommerce, web3, avatars and many more, Journee is a partner of choice when we bring brands and corporations into the Metaverse."

    Olivier Moingeon
    Chief Commercial Officer

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