Future Digital Experiences

Everyone instantly connected in virtual space.

Our Social Experience Stream technology enables high quality experiences in social environments.

Social Spaces

Live Shows

Brand Spaces


A New Internet Experience for Humans to Enjoy Life Together.



Social Interaction

Meet your friends, colleagues and partners in rooms, conferences, forests or beaches. Journee enables full social interaction and is embedded into your social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Journee delivers high quality experiences instantly on every device and browser. Invite and join endless virtual worlds without loading time or interruptions.


Our technology enables access to high end virtual reality directly in the browser. No download or app is needed.

HQ Product Presentation

In order to communicate outstanding design we enable cutting edge 3D visualization in virtual space. Discover spectacular visualizations and scenarios in raytraced rendering quality.

Video Live Stream

To enable true live moments in virtual space we share live streams of inspirational lectures and product reveals in realtime. Gather with like minded people, build new relatonships and discuss future possibilities while enjoying 2 dimensional and holographic presentations.


Each exerience demands its own design, architecture, sound and interface. Journee enables fully customization and the creation of endless branded spaces.

Virtual Shape
New Mockup
Art World

We Enable Creative Projects

Our solution is open for external projects, brands, agencies and institutions. Join us on this Journee to define the digital experiences of the future. Simply reach out and enjoy a private tour with us.