Who We Are

A team of passionate experts making the leading metaverse technology possible and lovable.

Journee is the leading software company connecting brands and their audiences in the metaverse. It thrives because of the people here who make the magic happen in our studio in Berlin and beyond. We’re proud to say that we measure our success by the team and culture that has grown together, as well as what they have created – and that’s pretty wild.

Company Culture

They say that you can grow culture (but only in a Petri dish) - and that is exactly what we’ve done. Journee managed to achieve tremendous success quickly because every individual shares the same vision and prioritises an open, healthy atmosphere, and with a desire to create crafted work that is second to none. Being a little badass doesn't hurt either!

We prioritise team culture at Journee, so who you are is just as important and impactful as what you can do. We operate as one cohesive unit towards a common goal and care about one another and enjoy our work. Being a remote-first company, our team is diverse - both culturally and locationally - and it lets us grow by getting to know each other's international backgrounds and stories. And while we may not always work in each other's pockets, we prioritise coming together in person and meeting, for work and “not work” on a regular basis.

Every job has its good days and “could be better” days. We are human, after all! But we make sure to communicate and support each other on those bad days and celebrate the big wins!

Employees Say


The diversity of the people working on and at Journee makes this the most interesting and fun place I have collaborated with to date. By having people of any age, from different cultures, coming together to create our metaverse, has enabled a unique adventure where I can learn something new from everyone every day.


Being a part of bringing this immense idea with almost endless possibilities to life and working with a team that is spread out globally and really aims to push boundaries means there is never a boring day at Journee. You have to be pretty crazy to be in it!


Love at first click! Working here is inspiring and innovative, with warm people that crack me up and make it the best job I’ve ever had!

Our Journee

Thomas Johann Lorenz and Christian “Mio” Loclair were friends for fifteen years before coming together to combine their respective backgrounds in business and creativity to establish Waltz Binaire in late 2019. Their mission was to build a creative hub for cutting-edge technology using AI.

When the Pandemic arrived in March 2020, that mission changed.

Having just created a world-first AI-designed sculpture, they were hoping to share this piece with museums and galleries. Under lockdown, this was impossible. So they created their own virtual museum themselves.

Critically acclaimed, their virtual museum prompted Lorenz and Loclair to expand beyond the limits of the art world and look towards a branded landscape. They also realised that they needed to create an entirely new technological foundation to deliver truly breathtaking experiences for everyone.

With that pivot and expansion came the creation of Journee, a platform for people to come together, explore endless spaces and experience the future of storytelling from within virtual worlds.

Today, Journee has grown into a leading innovator in its field. Already working with the world’s favourite brands and receiving multiple global awards for their work, the company is just getting started.