• Immersive virtual world with avatar floating and overlooking the scenery by Journee
    Journee news

    Journee Secures Prestigious Spot on The Fast Company's 2024 Most Innovative Companies List

    Journee, an innovator in immersive technology, ranks No.10 in Fast Company's 2024 Most Innovative Companies list for its exceptional virtual experiences and flagship technology, JourneeX, redefining enterprise digital interactions.
  • JourneeX new feature - Immersive Video Conferencing and new OS

    Announcing the Next Leap in Virtual Experiences: JourneeX's Revolutionary Upgrades

    Journee unveils transformative updates to JourneeX, including immersive video conferencing, GPTavatar AI agents, and a new operating system, redefining enterprise virtual experiences with enhanced interactivity, storytelling, and user guidance.

    Journee and Cognizant Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize the Immersive Web

    Journee announces a groundbreaking partnership with global digital solutions leader Cognizant to enhance immersive web and metaverse technologies. This strategic alliance aims to redefine digital engagement by combining Journee's innovative solutions with Cognizant's extensive industry expertise, promising to deliver transformative digital experiences across the globe.
  • Journee Won Two Drum Awards

    Journee and Clinique Triumph at The Drum Awards with Groundbreaking Immersive Commerce Experience

    Journee and Clinique clinched two Drum Awards for their pioneering Clinique Virtual Lab, merging immersive commerce with metaverse technology. This virtual platform revolutionizes the shopping experience, offering a photorealistic 3D environment where users can explore, engage, and purchase directly. Celebrated for Creativity and Digital Industries in the Metaverse, the project sets new standards in digital engagement, demonstrating the transformative potential of virtual experiences in retail. This accolade from The Drum Awards underscores the innovative collaboration's impact on redefining consumer interactions and the future of e-commerce.
  • Journee News

    Journee Unveils Mstylelab, a Macy’s Digital Shopping Adventure

    Utilizing our advanced metaverse infrastructure, JourneeX, Mstylelab invites users to immerse themselves in Macy's newest collection, On 34th, all while exploring a surreal slice of virtual New York – a city worthy of representing Macy’s first step into the future of the internet.

    Neil Coleman appointed as Journee’s Chief Operating Officer

    Journee proudly welcomes Neil Coleman to the team as Chief Operating Officer. This is a momentous step forward in Journee’s growth expansion.
  • Journee News

    Ilgi Evecan Duran appointed Head of Global Strategy for Journee

    Journee proudly welcomes Ilgi Evecan Duran to the team as Head of Global Strategy. Ilgi’s impressive skill set is recognised as she is named one of the Top 100 Women shaping the future of the Metaverse and Web3 in the global arena.