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    Web3 Night Attracts Industry Movers and Shakers

    Last night, Journee joined industry leaders at an exclusive event held at the newly opened Metaverse Hub. With insightful talks, panel discussions and digital art on display, the evening focused on building and shaping the future of the internet in virtual spaces.
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    Highlights from the Vogue Business Metaverse Atelier

    Vogue Business reflects on their recent virtual atelier experience, partnering with Journee to create a virtual island for experts to showcase 3D digital fashion pieces. The event highlighted new potentials for fashion consumption and innovation.
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    Joern Barthel Appointed New Chief Technology Officer

    Journee continues to grow, appointing chief technology officer Joern Barthel. Joern’s expertise will undoubtedly play a significant role in Journee’s mission forward
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    Nicolas Votano Joins the Journee team as Chief Revenue Officer

    Journee is thrilled to announce Nicolas Votano as the new Chief Revenue Officer. With over 15 years of consulting industry experience, Nicolas brings a proven track record of driving success and growth for international companies.
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    Journee shines at the Webby Awards 2023, winning six prestigious awards

    Since its establishment in 1996, The Webby Awards unwavering mission has been to honor excellence on the Internet. And Journee has been awarded with six awards for their innovative, beautiful creations of the HM virtual showroom, Meta festival 2022, and WWF #Oceandetox. With each award earned, Journees passion for pushing boundaries and crafting meaningful digital narratives only grows stronger. Lets create a digital universe that inspires and delights.
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    Fighting The Plastic Crisis: OceanDetox By WWF Germany & Savespecies

    WWF Germany, in collaboration with Savespecies and Publicis Groupe, opens a groundbreaking virtual museum on World Cleanup Day. The innovative virtual showroom, named OceanDetox, raises awareness about the urgent plastic crisis while offering visitors the chance to support environmental projects. Up to 23 million tons of plastic waste enter the worlds waters annually, threatening marine life. Through a partnership with Journee, WWF creates a hyper-realistic digital world featuring a 3D whale made of 50 floating plastic waste objects, available as NFTs to aid real-world efforts. The immersive experience evokes empathy, drives donations, and highlights the need for action.
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    Journee x ChatGPT

    Experience the beauty of ChatGPT. Journee proudly presents its latest collaboration with ChatGPT by OpenAI, pushing the boundaries of virtual connectivity. With a passion for improvement and a dedication to creating a more beautiful, human internet, Journee seamlessly integrates ChatGPTs powerful language capabilities. Our avatars now answer any question, ensuring an immersive, enjoyable, and engaging experience for users.