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    High Fashion Meets Virtual Fantasy In H&M’s Metaverse Design Story

    HM partners up with Journee to create The Metaverse Design Story, a collection of pieces that showcases a combination of high-fashion and virtual reality in a novel yet hyper-realistic way via its immersive Metaverse platform. HM's move towards the metaverse emphasizes the importance of creating innovative touchpoints in the future of eCommerce, linking virtual and physical worlds and engaging customers in memorable, playful encounters that convert to real-world sales.
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    Journee celebrates industry accolades at Lovie Awards

    Journee is honored with two bronze awards for their work on the HM Virtual Showroom and Meta Festival at the 12th Annual Lovie Awards, recognizing the Best of the European Internet. The awards highlight Journees innovation in creating retail experiences and hosting large-scale virtual events in the Metaverse, signaling the potential for fresh novelty and global accessibility.
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    H&M Delights Metaverse Concert-Goers With Virtual Concert

    Witness the groundbreaking fusion of music and style as HM presents BGYO Celestial Spaces in the HM Virtual Universe on JourneeX. Experience the captivating performance by beloved Filipino boy band BGYO, accompanied by a fashion-forward collaboration with Dont Blame the Kids (DBTK). The event garnered global attention, earning an unprecedented NPS score of 98.2 and trending on Twitter in the Philippines.
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    Journee Opens New Global Headquarters

    Journee opened its doors to the new Metaverse Hub, serving as its global headquarters and hosting industry frontrunners. Located in Berlins creative district, the space celebrates connectivity with like-minded people and serves as a new medium for the beauty of the newly possible on the internet. Regional hubs will be located in Cape Town, New York , Dubai and Stockholm.