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Join a global network of recognized immersive technology and web3 leaders transforming the way people use the internet. Leverage the proven benefits of the JourneeX platform and unlock more opportunities to achieve your business goals. Innovate, deploy, and sell immersive and web3 solutions to accelerate growth and break into new markets.

Type of partnerships

  • We work with the world's most innovative agencies to bring our joint strategic, creative, marketing and technology propositions to market.

  • We partner with the world's leading consultancies across the full value chain - from strategy to tech to implementation to transform industries.

  • We collaborate and integrate with the leaders in technology - from web3 to AI to cloud capabilities and more.

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Why partner with Journee?

Our flagship technology - JourneeX is the leading immersive experience solution suite for that provides game-changing quality thanks to cloud streaming technology and rich ready-to-use features.

With our strategy and tech support, you can bolster and differentiate your business, capture new business opportunities, be able to provide your clients with the most phenomenon virtual worlds and stay as the pioneer in the immersive web and web3 industry.

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We're trusted by enterprises, brands, agencies, consultancies, tech leads and the media.

We’ve enabled world-class immersive experiences for many of the world's leading brands.. Now it’s your turn. We provide unparalleled leadership with next-generation metaverse technology and strategy offerings built on the most robust, highest-rated, and most widely adopted enterprise immersive web platform on the market.


Leading the immersive web with a proven track record capitalizing on market growth

  • Research shows 95%

    95% of global leaders believe the immersive web will positively impact their industry.

  • Immersive web market 5T

    The global immersive web market is forecasted to reach $5 trillion by 2030.

  • GenZ Interest 83%

    83% of GenZ express interest in virtual world purchases.

  • iCommerce 200B

    iCommerce is expected to bring in $200 billionĀ  yearly by 2030.

  • iCommerce 37%

    Value in the iCommerce sector is expected to show an annual growth rate of 37%.

  • Immersive Web 4.44T

    The immersive web is on track to reach a total addressable market of $4.44T by 2030.

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