Enter a virtual space where automotive brands can thrive, reach new customers, and create novel brand experiences that create an impact on a grand scale.

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Immersive Automotive Experiences

As an industry leader in immersive web solutions, we are your trusted partner for creating your unique virtual worlds. Discover how we empower elite businesses and renowned brands in the automotive industry.

    Navigating the Future

    Unlock a new era of experiences with Immersive Solutions that target next-generation customers.

    Automotive brands are seizing the chance to transform customer connections and optimise operations in a whole new way thanks to immersive web applications.

    Automotive’s Immersive Potential

    The future of automotive is digital. Take a closer look at emerging trends.

    • 59%
      Of consumers are interested in buying a car through an online process.
    • $16.5B
      Estimated metaverse market value for the automotive industry by 2030
    • 90%
      Of car buyers research online, before they even visit a showroom

    The scope of the immersive web spans across the automotive value chain

    • Prototyping and R&D

      Digital twins & natives, Collaborative design, Virtual design review, Virtual simulation, Product testing in simulation

    • Manufacturing

      Virtual assembly line, Augmented assembly instructions, Augmented quality assurance, Remote inspection for quality control

    • Training & Development

      Simulation training, Product training, Expert coaching, Facility equipment training, Safety product training, Expert capture

    • Sales & Marketing

      Virtual catalogs, Augmented marketing ads, Shared VR-based selling, Virtual and remote test drives

    • Customer experience

      Virtual showroom walkthroughs, Product customizations, Augmented user manual

    • After-sales experience

      Vehicle diagnosis on digital twin, Augmented maintenance, Virtual visit by customers at service centers


    Your key to succeed in the immersive web

    Use JourneeX to build and host your immersive web experience and if you need support, our team has a proven track record of delivering excellence, made up of seasoned Unreal developers and inventive producers that strive to push boundaries in immersive solutions and digital spaces, all by working closely with your team.

    Top Impacts in Automotive

    • Global Brand Reach

      With their boundless potential, immersive experiences enable organizations to forge profound connections with global consumers and expand brand awareness.

    • Increased Engagement

      Automakers can offer their customers new experiences in a new space. Buyers can now engage in a simulated environment, experiencing virtual test drives and car customization.

    • Enhance Collaboration

      Automakers can foster collaboration through customers and employees alike, creating synergy that moves throughout the value chain and into the markets.

    • New Revenue Streams

      The possibilities for revenue streams are endless. For example, automakers can sell virtual goods connected to their vehicles.

    • Increased Margins

      Leverage virtual showrooms and virtual dealerships to cut down on inventory or physical showroom management.

    • Operational Efficiency

      In automotive, efficiency is paramount. Immersive web tech can support manufacturers in optimizing their operations, streamlining prototyping, and improving safety and quality control.

    From Industry Pioneers

    • “Automakers looking to thrive in a world with a rich metaverse [...] will need to consider digital vehicles as important opportunities to create valuable assets, expand and diversify revenue streams, and grow brand equity.”

      Katrin Zimmermann
      Managing Director of TLGG

    Automotive Use Cases

    • New Revenue Models

      Expand your business with next-generation payment options through NFTs as proof of ownership, digital wallets, and even crypto payments.

    • Virtual Test Drives

      Automotive brands can offer realistic test drives in virtual spaces, helping consumers get a better understanding of the vehicle beforehand and improving conversion.

    • Co-Creation & Loyalty

      Forge lasting connections between automotive brands and customers through collaborative design experiences, loyalty programs, and more.

    • Virtual Repairs

      Pioneer a world where troubleshooting and vehicle repairs are made effortlessly through the power of technology like AR-enabled diagnostic processes.

    • Immersive Exploraton

      Invite customers to dive into the world of automotive engineering through interaction with detailed 3D models, creating an educational and engaging experience.

    • Environment Simulation

      Enable efficiency at every turn. Immersive technology helps automotive companies simulate environments and processes for automotive development.

    • Employee Training

      Immersive simulations can help employees enhance their skills and practice in a risk-free environment, while vehicle testing can be done in a variety driving scenarios and conditions

    • Loyalty programs

      New ways of interacting with your customers, building a community through token gated (NFT) access to (online) events and adding layers of exclusivity for superfans through soul bound tokens.

    • Consumer experiences

      Immersive and interactive or gamified experiences for customers when it comes to buying and owning cars. From virtual showrooms to virtual test drives, customers can explore and customize cars in amore engaging way than ever.

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