Premier events in the metaverse

Ready to start building your custom metaverse today.

While others speak about creating a beautiful metaverse that allows people to openly interact, we have already built it! Journee’s technology offers an unparalleled experience consisting of the highest quality visual live-renderings, interactive and web features, and the ability that allows visitors to enter our metaverse experiences simply through any browser and on any device. Artists and businesses have already begun engaging with their fans and users in virtual 3D environments on Journee’s platform. Read about some of our software’s most popular features below.


Custom Worlds

Every world we create is unique and designed with your brand in mind. Our design team consults with you during the Concept Phase to learn about your needs and goals. By doing this we are able to create a metaverse that is not only unique to your brand but a successful one.

Realistic 3D Products

From shoes to cars, we can replicate it in the metaverse. Journee started by creating AI-designed sculptures and showcasing them in a virtual museum – we’ve come a long way since then. Whether it’s for a product launch or fashion show, 3D products in the Journee metaverse are exact to the smallest detail.

HD 3D Streaming

Our clients often have visual content to add to their metaverse, whether it be keynote speakers, discussion panels, or even concerts! Journee can pre-record or live-stream your visual content regardless of its format. Our 3D HD online streaming technology is available at the highest quality possible at 60fps

Live Conferencing

Instead of text chats, opt for our feature where you speak directly to the avatars standing next to you. Have a presentation or keynote? Why not present it live to your audience – as a direct 3D projection from the physical world straight into the metaverse!

Fresh Avatar Designs

Our team has some of the premier designers in the industry from both a technical and creative standpoint. Whether the avatars are realistic, artistic, or simply fun, nothing is beyond us. We will first sit with you to understand your vision and brand so that we can design the avatars that are best for your metaverse.

Spatial Web Experience

To create a realistic and humanistic metaverse experience, we decided to incorporate spatial recognition capabilities from game mechanics. This makes it possible to hear and see things more clearly as users approach avatars and objects in the Journee metaverse – just like in real-life.