#ReimagineJOYTOPIA - a multisensory journey blending between digital and physical.

After a successful premiere during the IAA 2021, the BMW Group together with Journee is once again opening its Metaverse JOYTOPIA on the occasion of CES Las Vegas.


Imagine a world no longer limited by the physical. Bring JOYTOPIA to the next level by making it an inspiring space for important events and cooperations of the BMW brand in the Metaverse and add complexity by creating a multi-emotional experience.

Give users from around the world the opportunity to recreate the ideas, concepts and visions of the BMW Group for the mobility experience of tomorrow even if the cannot travel to Las Vegas – directly in the browser of their smartphone, tablet or PC.


BMW’s immersive installation Dimensions of Real presented at CES 2022 takes users beyond physically moving from point A to B to a multi-dimensional and multi-emotional journey through the Metaverse.

Instead of showcasing an actual car, Dimensions of Real, which has been developed together with Journee and Designworks, redefines the notion of a concept vehicle and invites users to embark on a multisensory journey.

In collaboration with Hans Zimmer and Universal Everything, users travel digitally through time and space to create an expression of the vehicle that combines past experiences into something new and unexpected.

Digital worlds, based on BMW’s future MyModes, guide a bespoke experience through three interactive and dimensional worlds reflecting distinct human emotions; Calm in the first dimension, Confidence in the second and Joy in the third—surreal and artful expressions showcasing the vehicle within distinct realms.

The bold conceptual vision takes the natural dialogue between driver and vehicle to a next level. It demonstrates how, in the near and far future, the BMW customer’s communication and interaction with a brand’s vehicle will be purely intuitive.

  • “BMW has always been pushing the boundaries of technology and design at the same time. We dedicate ourselves to the creation of human-centric products and experiences for all senses.”

    Adrian van Hooydonk
    Head of BMW Group Design
  • “Our digital future requires the knowledge and ability to work across multiple disciplines. As BMW Group’s Advanced Design Studio, DESIGNWORKS is thrilled to deliver a never seen before multi-sensory experience that redefines the notion of a concept vehicle.”

    Holger Hampf
    President of DESIGNWORKS
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