Clinique Virtual Lab

Clinique Virtual Lab, from ecommerce to immersive commerce

It all started in 1967 with a promise ‘Great skin can be created’. Clinique wants to build a better world for our skin to live in.

Inspired from the success of newly renovated brick-and-mortar retail Labs in China and New York City, which fuses personalised diagnostics with immersive shopping, Clinique teamed up with Journee to launch a virtual Clinique Lab, accessible to a wider audience while still staying true to their brand promise.


Re-introduce The Clinique Lab

How can the Clinique lab experience lean into the Metaverse in a way that is on brand and makes sense for the target audience?

Clinique wanted to change how they visualise science at the Clinique Lab, in a warm and inviting way that adhere to new brand codes.


The Clinique Lab brings the retail experience of the iconic Clinique Counter to the virtual world and allows consumers, both new and familiar, to connect with the brand in a new and innovative way. Clinique is the first company to seamlessly integrate this virtual shopping experience into their website and thereby enhance e-commerce with triple-A-game like experiences.

Journee built The Clinique Lab to allow users to create a custom avatar and explore the world through six unique territories, including product storytelling, gamification, personalised engagement with Clinique Consultants, unique offers and immersive on-site shopping. The Clinique Lab experience is accessible directly in the browser on any device, no headset required.

The advanced virtual storefront infrastructure is a photorealistic 3d environment, redefining traditional online experiences. The Clinique Lab brings the retail experience of the iconic Clinique Counter to the virtual world where brand lovers and new consumers can discover, interact, play, learn and shop, all at the touch of one's fingertips. The Clinique Lab allows users to experience a sensorial universe that showcases the brand, product and ingredient stories.

The virtual Clinique Lab gives an exciting glimpse into the future of ecommerce. The virtual lab is accesible directly via browser, and fully integrated across website, social media and with seamless shopability and checkout directly from within the Virtual Lab experience.

Furthermore, the Clinique product database is embedded into the experience, providing opportunities to learn more about Clinique products, as well as the opportunity to engage with the customer care chat system.

To debut The Clinique Lab, the Brand spotlights its top performer, Moisture Surge™ 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator and the new ‘Protect Your Glow’ campaign. The campaign is brought to life within the digital Clinique Lab via interactive elements and explorative storytelling. Consumers can browse and purchase hero products including Moisture Surge 100H directly in the virtual shop, as well as other brand favourites, with exclusive offers. Consumers are also able to get live answers on their questions through the chatbot with language integration.

The digital shopping experience, built on Journee, combines for the first time ever highest-quality, live rendered, gamified mass-multiplayer 3D with the power of e-Commerce.

The Clinique Lab is a truly global experience, available in 36 countries and 21 languages. The experience will live year round and refreshed for big brand and campaign moments. It’s a laboratory that reflects brand activations IRL, and that will grow and change over time.

  • "It’s a new way to present our brand — an adventure that’s deeply experiential and aspirational, with an element of personalization both in the avatar and the way you decide to engage with it"

    Emmanuel Rousson
    Clinique VP of E-commerce
  • “Just like Clinique, Journee is about driving, not following innovation. With this immersive brand experience Clinique x Journee are leading the digital e-commerce space worldwide,merging the best of product merchandising and consumer experience. We are excited to push the boundaries of innovation and tech to set a new benchmark in e-commerce for Clinique"

    Thomas Johann Lorenz
    Co-founder and CEO of Journee
  • "We wanted people to get really close to the products, feel and hear the 'pop' of the bubble wrap, but also learn about the brand. They have a lot of lore to learn about. Learn before you buy. We also wanted to thank people for their effort of discovery in the lab. Collecting bubbles and getting a discount is a simple mechanic, but it seems to really work."

    Jeremy Hofmeister Mac Lyn
    Creative Director of Journee
  • “Cliniques next move in the Metaverse is a winning formula for Web3 retail.”

    Stephanie Hirschmiller
  • "Thanks to the new Clinique Lab, we only want to shop for beauty products online."

    In-Style Germany
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