Global Gateway by the European Union

#WhoWeAre: a campaign for the people and their stories.

Global Gateway is an EU initiative that strives to improve digital, education and healthcare systems worldwide. It stands for sustainable and reliable connections for people and our planet. The initiative aims to help tackle the most pressing global challenges - from climate change and better health systems to strengthening competitiveness and global supply chains.

It is the EU's contribution to closing the global investment gap. The initiative comes in line with the June 2021 G7 commitment to create a values-based, high-quality and transparent partnership to address global infrastructure development needs. The initiative is fully aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals, as well as with the Paris Climate Agreement. Global Gateway implements sustainable, high-quality projects that address the needs of partner countries and ensure lasting benefits for local people.


Create a digital space in the Metaverse in which the successes of the Global Gateway initiative can be shown, told and made accessible in an emotional and interactive way.


It’s all about storytelling! With the #WhoWeAre campaign, the EU is now able to share the results of successful cooperation with its partner countries. In the Metaverse space developed by Journee, 4 heroes from 4 different countries around the world show the positive influence of the EU initiative on their communities.

Think globally, act locally!
It’s a space where...


With Global Gateway #WhoWeAre campaign, the EU shared the results of the successful cooperation and built infrastructure with its partner countries. In the pioneering #metaverse experience four heroes from four different countries from around the world told their story.

  • “We are very happy to support and shape the Global Gateway Initiative as a partner of the EU. The digital platform in the Metaverse makes it possible to experience the results of the initiative and motivates to start further efforts. Europe and the world are once again an important step further connected.”

    Thomas Lorenz
    Co-Founder and CEO of Journee
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