Meta Festival with Dept Agency

A space to inspire the mind. Without rules but lots of innovation instead.

Buddha already knew: There is no wealth like knowledge.

So, between the ongoing pandemic and surge of Metaverse conversations in 2021, Journee and Dept Agency decided to partner together to create a platform for innovators and thought-leaders to speak about and share all the knowledge on the topic of web3.

The Meta Festival Metaverse was created and allowed attendees from different countries and backgrounds to join keynotes and discussion panels via live streams in the virtual world.

Due to COVID regulations during that time, many speakers were also unable to fly in, which made it fortuitous to have the virtual platform for them to join from their international homes. With a production crew in the physical world, Metaverse users did not miss out on materials or networking opportunities.


Create some more Metaverse magic with a second, even more impressive and valuable Meta Festival.


What a rave! What a line-up! Meta Festival 2022 took place on Tuesday 28 June in Metapolis and it hit like a bomb.

Participants from all over the world had the opportunity to learn from leading brands, Web3 innovators and technologists and to network with each other on a virtual playground for 24 hours.

The festival revolved around five themes: web3; immersive experiences; diehard tech; pop culture and the Betterverse. In addition to these five stages with ongoing sessions, the event featured live programming tailored to each region.

All attendees celebrated the knowledge exchange, with many speaking about how they look forward to using their new learnings of the metaverse and NFTs to introduce a virtual strategy to their brand.

Meta Festival speakers include technologists, web3, blockchain and crypto experts, startup founders, artists, writers, creatives and many more from brands such as H&M, Calvin Klein, Headspace, WIRED, Volkswagen Group, Coca Cola, Netflix, Paramount, PwC and Heineken, as well as well-known names from the Metaverse area such as Gmoney, Cathy Hackl, and DRESSX.


In addition to the PR effects, 12.000+ people From Asia to Europe to the Americas have visited.

  • "While everyone is talking about the Metaverse, few people have actually experienced it. We want all brands and stakeholders to experience the potential of the Metaverse. By bringing together a wide range of speakers and entertainment, we helped attendees to discover the next phase of their brand's virtual life."

    Max Pinas
    Executive Creative Director at Dept.
  • 3 timezones, 10 inspiring stages
  • 100+ of the world’s leading Web3 experts for 12.000+ guests!
  • From Asia to Europe to the Americas.

    The Lovie Awards / Best Community / Bronze

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