#OceanDetox exhibition by WWF Germany and Savespecies

Saving the real world by doing good in the virtual world.

Up to 23 million tons of plastic waste from land end up in the world's waters every year, the equivalent of about two truckloads per minute. Animals get caught in this garbage or mistake it for food and often die in agony. It is estimated that 90 percent of seabirds and half of all sea turtles swallow plastic parts. Plastic waste decomposes over the years into ever smaller microplastic particles, which can no longer be removed from the ocean and accumulate in the food chain.

On the occasion of this year’s World Cleanup Day on September 17th 2022, WWF Germany, Savespecies and Journee opened the first digital exhibition with a purpose called #OceanDetox in the Metaverse: a virtual space accessible from around the world to support the real world.

The World Cleanup Day is a global day of action, in which the environment is to be freed from garbage. According to the initiators, more than 20 million people in 180 countries are taking part.


Create a space to draw attention to the global plastic waste crisis and generate direct support by bringing art and conservation together in the virtual space of the Metaverse.


In the innovative virtual showroom created by the joint forces of WWF Germany, Savespecies and Journee, users had the opportunity to support projects for species and environmental protection in the real world through virtual purchases, e.g. NFTs or donations.

The centerpiece of the exhibition was an anamorphic whale composed of 50 floating plastic waste objects. These detailed designed objects could be purchased as digital art. A focal point of the global plastic crisis is Southeast Asia - the digital art sale supported, for example, the work of the WWF to combat the real plastic flood in Vietnam.

In addition to the goal of generating donations, the project pursues an important educational mission: By immersing themselves in the virtual world, users experience the endangered animal species up close, which makes #OceanDetox a highly emotional, alarming and impactful experience.


In addition to the PR effects, the number of visitors, their countries of origin and the average length of stay in the exhibition space, the raised donations and sold pieces of art were defined as KPIs for the project.

  • “Partnering with WWF and Savespecies to build awareness on the ever increasing plastic pollution, while raising funds to preserve our planet in all its beauty and rich life is a no brainer for us at Journee. Especially as a father of three, protecting earth and leaving it to the next generation in the best condition possible is key to my heart. I am delighted to facilitate the WWF Metaverse, by merging the beauty of art and technology in a virtual place and thus contributing to protecting the planet we all call home.”

    Thomas Lorenz
    Co-Founder Journee
  • “We are grateful to be able to enable the Metaverse to be applied in the field of sustainability and species protection by WWF.”

    Mio Loclair
    Co-Founder & CEO Journee
  • "Following the huge and ongoing success of our Non-Fungible Animals campaign, we are excited to once again deliver a project that uses the digital space to do good in the real world with smart and resource-saving solutions. For this, we are once again generating attention by combining technological innovation and meaningfulness. We thank Journee for the support to run this experience on their platform."

    Karl Nowak
    Business Development & Digital Strategy, WWF Germany
  • "With opening of #OceanDetox we want to bring attention to the urgency of the plastic crisis and at the same time actively contribute to fighting it. Our virtual exhibition room will continue to grow in the future and support species protection - as a digital Noah's Ark, so to speak".

    Etienne Kiefer
    Savespecies artist and idea giver behind the project
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