Vogue Business Atelier with Epic Games

Showcasing the state of global digital fashion in the Metaverse

Due to ethical awareness and artificial intelligence, the fashion industry has paved the way for digital fashion to be introduced with more technology like virtual dressing rooms, showrooms, gamification and digital fashion design. This evolution calles for more education, technological progress and best case scenarios around digital fashion to create meaningful user experiences and journeys.

Curated by the industry leader Vogue Business, the world’s most influential digital fashion designers are now able to present pieces in 3D for the first time on the platform of Journee.


Create a digital event with Epic Games that will be accessible by Vogue Business members only who can exclusively explore the process of creating, wearing and selling digital fashion.

Design an extraordinary experience to showcase the potential for fashion within virtual worlds and digital clothing for an audience of executives across fashion, beauty and technology.


A unique virtual space in which visitors can experience a curated presentation of three-dimensional digital fashion, learn directly from leading digital designers and network with other members throughout the latest iteration of the immersive world, hosted on Journee.

7 larger-than-life, high-fidelity garments offer visitors the chance to view the intricate detail and versatility that is possible with digital design. Many exhibits are narrated by the designers themselves via spatial audio showers.

Visitors can explore pieces from digital fashion platform Dressx, including a special limited edition jacket that has been created in collaboration with Vogue Business.


In addition to the PR effects, 1200+ visitors, from all around the world visited and average length of stay in the environment was 21 minutes.

  • A key tenet of journalism is to show, not tell. The goal of this experience is to showcase the potential for beauty and fidelity within virtual worlds and digital clothing for an audience of executives across fashion, beauty and technology. If you saw the highlights from the last time, you’ll know that this doesn’t look like a childhood video game, and it’s definitely not your standard business conference. This time, it’s even better.

    Maghan McDowell
    Senior Innovation Editor, Vogue Business
  • For us at Journee, Fashion is one of the key industries that we are enabling to enter the Metaverse. Therefore we’re very proud to host the Vogue Business Metaverse Atelier with Epic Games. With this experience we set a new standard on how to make virtual fashion accessible in the Metaverse. Pushing the boundaries of creativity and tech for leading brands like Vogue Business is at the core of our values at Journee.

    Thomas Johann Lorenz
    Co-Founder & CEO Journee
  • We are pleased that by working with Vogue Business, we can provide a stage in the Metaverse to the pioneers of digital fashion.

    Christian Mio Loclair
    Co-Founder & CEO Journee
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