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Art Directors Club Awards innovative BMW streaming platform JOYTOPIA.

BMWs JOYTOPIA, hosted on JourneeX, receives recognition as Outstanding Innovation of the Year in the Digital area by the Art Directors Club (ADC) for Germany. The first of its kind virtual event presented a multi-faceted digital brand experience that explored fresh consumer journeys through immersive BMW-themed worlds. In this highly-personalized experience, visitors could generate their own avatars, mirror the likeness of their selfie, and try on virtual swag from the BMW Lifestyle Collection.

2 June 23
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Award-winning virtual event hosted on JourneeX - Journee's pioneering metaverse platform for immersive web experiences

BMW Group’s write-up explores their recent virtual event at the IAA Mobility 2021 (International Motor Show Germany) and CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show). Having won the Grand Prix by the Art Directors Club (ADC) for Germany, the BMW Group has gone on to win the Outstanding Innovation of the Year in the Digital area.

‘Joytopia’, a free event accessible to fans worldwide, provided a multi-faceted digital brand experience that provided a multi-sensory perspective on topics such as electric mobility, circular economy and sustainability. Things kicked off with a bang with Grammy award-winning band, Coldplay, hosting a virtual concert.

"(Joytopia is) a massive multiplayer real-time online experience. Mind Blowing, consciousness-expanding. Benchmark.”
- Art Directors Club (ADC)

Immersive virtual world reflect a glimpse into the future

With the physical constraints of the real world gone, BMW could explore fresh consumer journeys via the Metaverse. Users traversed through the surreal worlds of the ‘Joytopia’ Metaverse aided by a virtual fox, featuring a voice-over from Academy Award winning actor, Christoph Waltz. With BMW-themed worlds as a backdrop, users could not only interact with the brand in a whole new way, but also experience something for the first time.

"Our goal was to create a new brand experience for fans all over the world in parallel to the real motor show appearance in Munich, expressing BMW's progressive attitude, innovative strength and readiness for the future."
- Stefan Ponikva, Head of Brand Communication and Experience at BMW

BMW Joytopia at CES 2022
A multisensory adventure blending the digital and physical — read more about Journee’s work on the award-winning ‘Joytopia’.
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Personalization is key to brand engagement

Savvy consumers are always looking for new ways to interact with their favorite brands. With this in mind, visitors to ‘Joytopia’ could generate their avatar based on a selfie, then put on a virtual hoodie from the BMW Lifestyle Collection — a clever add-on for brand loyalists keen to wear their BMW pride on their sleeve.

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Published on 2 June 23
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