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Journee and Cognizant Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize the Immersive Web

Journee partners with Cognizant to revolutionize immersive web technologies, aiming to transform digital experiences worldwide by combining innovative solutions with extensive industry expertise for unparalleled digital engagement.

8 February 24
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We are excited to share news of a significant milestone in Journee's journey: our strategic partnership with Cognizant, a global leader in digital solutions. This collaboration represents a major leap forward in our mission to offer immersive web technologies and metaverse solutions that redefine the digital experience for enterprises and the creative industry worldwide.

Cognizant's partnership with Journee marks a significant step in their strategy to enhance digital offerings and deliver cutting-edge immersive experiences to clients. By leveraging our expertise in creating immersive web applications, Cognizant aims to expand its reach beyond traditional markets, enhance brand awareness, and tap into new revenue streams. This collaboration is perfectly aligned with Cognizant's commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital domain, particularly in Central Europe, where they are keen on establishing a transformative presence.

Christian Loclair, Co-CEO at Journee, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating,

"We are thrilled to join forces with Cognizant to further our mission of elevating the online experience. Cognizant's extensive reach and industry expertise perfectly complement our immersive web technologies. Together, we are eager to shape the future of digital engagement."

This partnership is a testament to both companies' dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and their shared vision to empower users with engaging and transformative digital experiences. Gregor Bieler, Head of Central Europe at Cognizant, highlighted the synergy between our companies, saying,

"Teaming up with Journee underscores Cognizant's commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our clients. Integrating Journee's immersive web solutions into our portfolio offers our clients a unique and impactful way to connect with their audiences."

At Journee, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of the online landscape, and this partnership with Cognizant amplifies our ability to innovate and inspire. Together, we are poised to deliver transformative digital experiences that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our clients and their audiences.

Stay tuned to our Newsroom for further updates on this exciting partnership. Together with Cognizant, we embark on a journey filled with innovation, transformation, and unparalleled digital engagement, setting new standards in the immersive web and metaverse technologies.

Published on 8 February 24
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